Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Woah.. It's been a year ever since I wrote something over here~~

It's been a long time! Since I started working, my blog has came to a complete halt~ hahah.. I've been wondering sometimes, humans just need to born, work and die? Can't we live our lives the way we wanted? Education is important I must admit that, but now I see our generation has been passing down dead knowledge, where they can no longer apply their knowledge into work.

Even some simple things like dismantle a socket wire, or paint a wall, people need to call/pay others to help them. My point is, people nowadays are no studying/learning wisely. People lack the curiousity to know more, they tend to follow what is instructed to them.

I realized something too, wherever I go, I always saw the same kind of people. The rude and arrogant, the gentle and nice, the quiet and easy going, and there's always people stabbing you in the back, no matter how good you are. People tend to ignore what you did good, and pinpoint the mistake you made.

People need to acknowledge and appreciate what they had, if an employer treats his employee miserably, and of course his employee won't respect or even do his job properly. A positive mind is very important, but getting surrounded by negative minds too will influence those who stay positive.

To be honest, I'm not very happy with my current job, they switch me from technician to storekeeper, which is already a mess before I entered. My managers seemed to rush me to take all responsibility from the past mistake onto me. I will not blame him for his arrogant, but I blame his stupidity for not appreciating all his employees that work with him.

I've witness at least 10+ of my colleague left this company because of this manager, only left those who licked his balls, and get drunk with him. I wrote it here because it is one of my way of releasing my tension and stress, I have no intention of talking bad behind him, I'm not afraid of this post being found by someone from my company, I will boldly say "Come at me Bro".

Monday, April 29, 2013

PvP Reviews from Dragon Nest SEA server

It's been awhile since I wrote something here, but today I'm not gonna write about something bad, but a review instead. Recently I've found myself hooked up with the game called "Dragon Nest", it's a 3rd person action MMO game. The game originates from Korea and later on have split to Japan, North America and SEA (that's what I knew until now). This will be a long post so ignore this if you're bored with long long post.

This game is basically the 3D version of Dragonica that closed down on May 2012 in SEA, without the thief class, the game consist, Warrior, Cleric, Archer, Sorceress, Academic and Kali (with the latest patch). Unfortunately this game has a fixed gender based on what class you have chosen. Male for Warrior and Cleric, while the other classes are all female, for guys that liked to use female characters (I'm 1 of them), you're gonna love them.

This game is rather unique cause you get to branch into 4 classes instead of into 2 classes for each and every class of the game. I'll list down the class branch for each class below :

Warrior : -
1. Sword Master  --> Gladiator / Moon Lord
2. Mercenary       --> Destroyer / Barbarian

Cleric : -
1. Priest               --> Saint / Inquisitor
2. Paladin            --> Crusader / Guardian

Archer : -
1. Bow Master    --> Artillery / Sniper
2. Acrobats         --> Tempest / Wind Walker

Sorceress : -
1. Elemental Lord --> Saleana / Elestra
2. Force User       --> Smasher / Majesty

Academic : -
1. Alchemist         --> Physician / Adept
2. Engineer           --> Gear Master / Shooting Star

Kali : -
1. Screamer           --> Dark Summoner / Soul Eater
2. Dancer              --> Blade Dancer / Spirit Dancer

Well, into the PvP reviews shall we? I'm writing this based from the POV of an archer, so I might be wrong. This is just some information for people who wanted to know more about other classes, so I'll try my best to sum it up here.

Basic information about each class and their pros and cons in 1 vs 1 battles.

Warrior : -
Pros - 1. High HP and Physical defense.
           2. Most of their skill would flinch their opponent.
           3. Buffs that increase damage and reduce incoming damage.
           4. Buffs that prevent them from flinching.

Cons - 1. Low Magic defense.
            2. Melee except for Moon Lord.
            3. Low mobility.

Reviews : Why is it melee a disadvantage? In my opinion, there are a lot of classes that deals ranged damage, so if you can't hit your opponent, you can't win right? Warriors are devastating in close range as you can see most of his skills flinch his opponents, but if you keep him at bay, he would be helpless except for Moon Lord, since most of ML's skill are ranged. I don't mean that Warriors are bad, it's just that Warriors are too mainstream, don't you think?

Cleric : -
Pros - 1. Status inflict on the enemy
           2. Buffs / Heals.
           3. Has the highest HP pool, Physical and Magical
                defense of all classes.

Cons - 1. Extremely low damage for the priest class.
            2. Rely heavily on relics to dish out damage/status.
            3. Slow skills.

Reviews : Being the supporter class, you cannot deal serious damage unless you're a crusader. While heavily depended on the relics to deal damage or protect you, your battle is going to take a very very long time. Crusaders on the other hand, deals heavy damage but with rather slow animation skills, makes it a hard time to hit agile characters. Time is your ally, the longer the match goes, the chances of you winning would be bigger.

Archer : -
Pros - 1. Extremely agile on the Acrobat class.
           2. Longest average attack range for Bow Master class.
           3. Buffs that increase action & movement speed.
           4. Highest critical chance of all classes.

Cons - 1. Weak in both Magical and Physical defense.
            2. Low HP pool.
            3. Melee (for Acrobats)
            4. Slow casting animation (for Bow Masters)

Reviews : Exchanging defenses and HP for mobility and critical chance, this would either be a very strong or extremely weak class to choose. Her extremely low HP and defenses usually puts her in danger but if you know how to avoid them well, she's a deadly assassin for everyone. Or she could be dead at the very beginning. Plus if you're using her, you have to be good at your aiming, or else you can't deal serious damage with her.

Sorceress : -
Pros - 1. Good at both ranged and mid-range combat.
           2. Shields that protects them from flinching for a certain %.
           3. Teleport / Blink
           4. Very high Magic damage + elemental properties for
               extra damage.

Cons - 1. Lowest Physical defense among all classes.
            2. Requires casting time.

Reviews : While having the weakest Physical defense among all classes, her skills make her a foe not to mess with. Almost none can survive a successive combo from a Sorceress, to ensure you take all of her hit, she either freezes you or stops you, and you'll be dead before you know it. To be able to par with her, you will need to know when to strike and when to retreat, interrupt her skill and she would be helpless for you to land your combo.

Academic : -
Pros - 1. Decent defense.
           2. Inflict status.
           3. Summon units.
           4. Big flashy Area of Effect (a.k.a. AOE) skills.

Cons - 1. Requires time for summon.
            2. Very few super armor skills.

Reviews : If you think you can win because she's a loli, then let me prove that you're wrong. Similar to Cleric, she is able to summon towers and mobile units to fight for her. While having a decent defense, she's not an easy target to kill, and you still have to deal with her minions and towers. If she's an Alchemist, you will suffer from her large and fancy AOE skills, before you even reach her. Time is on her side if she's a Engineer, prolong the battle would only make you more miserable as she is able to summon all of her units.

Kali : -
Pros - 1. Huge AOE skill on Dark Summoner.
           2. Very agile compare with other classes except Acrobats.
           3. Buffs / Heals on Dancers.
           4. High Physical damage dealers for Dancers.
           5. Have a decent number of skills that has super armor
               breaking capabilities.

Cons - 1. Weak in Physical defense.
            2. Rather slow recovery after knocked down.

Reviews : What can I say about this class? In my opinion, she is way too overpower in 1 vs 1. Playing as a Screamer, you can deal a lot of curses and massive AOE skills with quite a short cool down in skill. While playing as a Dancer, makes you a massive damage dealer with buffs. With Compensate Mode ON in PvP, a Spirit Dancer is capable of dealing 10000 damage to any character, which is almost an instant kill if she had land some hit before the final blow. Maybe I'll update the reviews when I fought more of the Kali class.

Thank you your time reading this. :D

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's getting worse day by day

It's been awhile since I wrote here, again~ nothing good to write about, I only have bad ones. Day by day, it's getting worse and worse. Tiny little thing, still can argue or quarrel about it, am I suppose to be more patient? Yeah, I guess I need to. I tolerate most of the time, but sometimes I admit I did ignored her because of my own problems.

I'm also a human, sometimes you can't expect me to do this and that at the same time, my brain doesn't multitask at all. Because of your inconsideration, you always end up hurting me or make me angry. And you never feel sorry for it, what am I to you? Toy? Something you can release your stress onto? Hey I have feelings too, if I'm a rock or something maybe I don't care, but you're special to me, and yet you always hurt me.

Today (or yesterday) I waited for you to login, if you don't have the mood, you could have say so. I didn't say anything offensive and yet you become angry for no reason, just because of me rushing you. If you don't want it, then don't do it. Why want to sunbian? You make it sound so easy, sunbian... But what about me that waited you half day? Sunbian and not playing with me, that's a pretty good way of letting me down.

Last thing, about the attitude. I really hate people that don't have manners at all, I waited you half a day, you can at least thank me for waiting you or decline my request. No, you didn't. As the matter of fact, you talk like you have done nothing wrong, correct all the way, and I'm always the bad guy. Like waiting for you is the thing I need to do, I don't have to wait for you if I don't want to. I'm offering a helping hand, and you just slapped away my hand with your attitude.

If this continues, can we walk the rest of the road together until the end? Or we'll end up walking our own different paths? I wish we don't have to separate, please don't leave us no choice.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Privacy~~

Someone doesn't really know about privacy eh? Okay, I'll explain it right here right now~ Yes, anyone can read my post, and that doesn't mean you have interfere with my privacy right because that is what I wanted to write, BUT anyone take my post and post it onto his/her personal space, that is already offended MY PRIVACY, I posted here with my reason, if I wanted to post on facebook, I already did, and let more people know~ and who will view blogs these days? I know not many will do~ This is called trying to keep a low profile, as it's just temporary temper~ But some people just want to have fun, wanted more people to know, so might as well just tag along with it~

Monday, September 10, 2012

Continue previous 1 shall we?

Well well~ Someone is taking my posts without my permission, fine then~ Since you're so into it, until came into a blog to take something that means you just have a miserable life than me~ lol, Why even bother to care if you know it's not you? Only those who do it, feel it~ Tapi banyak yang perasan, pelik juga~ I didn't type in the names, so whoever thinks it is, well basically I have no comment on it~

Thank you for giving the title "Legend", but I'm much not appreciate it since I'm not so close with you or even friend with you, so f*ck off~ :D and again, it's to someone only, yang perasan mia, no comments~ I don't even mind whoever is against me, I'll just go on with or without only, not a big deal~

And finally, let's put a couple of picture to celebrate shall we? Trolololol!~

Painful Memories~

Memories, Sharp as Daggers,
Pierce into the Flesh of Today.
Suicide of Love took away all that matters,
And buried the remains in an
Unmarked Grave in Your Heart...